Andreas Mühe:Photography

Curator Yan Shijie, Walter Smerling
Curatorial Assistant Xu Dan
Artist Andreas Mühe
Organizer Red Brick Art Museum
Co-Organiser Foundation for Art and Culture, Bonn
Cooperative Organisation Volkswagen Group China
Opening Sep 11, 2018 Tuesday 11:00
Ticket ¥100.00
Red Brick Art Museum is joining hands with the Bonn Foundation for Art and Culture to present the German photographer Andreas Mühe’s first solo exhibition in China. The exhibition, entitled Andreas Mühe: Photography, will run from September 12 to October 21, presenting over 60 of the artist’s classic photos spanning the past 15 years, plus his new works from 2018.
The exhibition focuses on the narratives of Mühe’s native Germany. From cultural identity and political history to the current social reality, the artist carefully looks into his country’s past and present, covering the unique history of the 20th century. Probing the influence of the division of western and eastern Germany and the process and status quo of reunification, Mühe explores and questions class, authority and tradition.
As a contemporary German photographer, Mühe is difficult to categorize. His works present dramatic aesthetic characteristics through the use of large-format analogue cameras. He excels in “making sculptures with light” and using techniques that create a seemingly familiar and contradictory visual world on the brink of rupture and deconstruction. With implications both simple and subtle, he probes into the visible yet unobservable reality. According to Walter Smerling, curator and president of the Bonn Foundation for Art and Culture, “The exploration of atmospheres and ambience, and his encounters with leading personalities and contemporary history are expressed visually in hyperbolic form in his powerful evocative images.”