Red Brick Design Store

Affiliated with the Red Brick Art Museum, the Red Brick Design Store presents the most current and creative design product from worldwide and limited editions of artworks in the cross-disciplines of art, design and craft.

Occupying 200 square meters over two levels, the Red Brick Design Store provide two major types of merchandise, the design products and artwork derivatives. The design products include home office, jewelry, garments, children’s hand-on toys and dozens of domestic and international design brands as well as, works by renowned independent designers. Besides the most recent large scale international lifestyle design brands, the classical pieces by domestic designers can also be found in the store. The Red Brick Design Store also collaborates with outstanding professors, and designers form major Chinese art academies such as the Central Academy of Fine Art, Qinghua Art Academy, China Art Academy of Fine Art and etc, with the aim to provide an outstanding creative shopping experience to the viewers of the museum.

Art catalogues and young artists’ original works in multiple languages, limited editions of artworks concurrent to the museum’s exhibitions are primarily set up on the second level of the store. Among the art books, we have made our selection from publications and art catalogues by major international publishers; moreover, we have the most diverse pop-up image books in the country. The limited editions artworks consist of genres such as, sculptures, oil painting, prints, photographs and new media art. We believe that Red Brick Design will bring you're a more diverse artistic and cultural experience.

The limited artworks presented at the Red Brick Design Store provide a diverse selection for art aficionados and collectors of contemporary art. Whether in terms of the genres, material of the artworks, or the criticality of the artist’s practice, the Red Art Design shop makes detailed comparisons and meticulous choices for our merchandise based on our professional experience, so every piece of our limited editions artworks would carry the most significant extension of the artwork and its value.

As an affiliate of a non-profit contemporary art museum, Red Brick Design Store, all revenues will be invested into the exhibition fun, academic research and the development of the art museum’s collection. We look forward to your visit and support.

Design Store Opening Time:

Summer Days: 1st May 2016 to 30th September 2016

Tuesday to Sunday:10:00 - 18:00

Winter Days: 1st October 2016 to 30th April 2017

Tuesday to Sunday:10:00 - 17:30

Tel:+86 10 8457 6669 - 8881

Dining Features:

Covering approximately 1,100m2, at the back of the main construction of the entire museum while surrounded by the elegant garden scenery, the”Redbrick Courtyard”serves with many the dining functions including featuring restaurant, coffee bar, private club and a multi - function hall.  This is an ideal place for various interactive events such as high-end wedding, birthday party, business banquet, family party, annual party, wine tasting as well as meeting conference,  seminar, forum, news conferences, return dinner, promotions, celebrity’s parties, award ceremony, auction and series of lectures, luxury goods exhibition, multi-media activities and art appreciations. The 300m2 western restaurant masters sophisticated French and Italian cuisines for nearly 100 guests in many kinds of ways. Exquisite dessert, coffee, tea and beverages from all over the world would be provided constantly in our 150m2 crystal-clear Coffee Bar which could, at once engage 60-80 guests to relax and enjoy the entire garden scenery inside the bright sun room. The 150m2 private club, a great place for small high-end activities, is ready to offer you an amazing comfort of relaxation under the luxurious and artistic atmosphere. The church-liked multi-function hall with 200m2 is designed for sweet wedding ceremonies day and night unprecedentedly within the pleasant and serene landscapes.

Red Brick Cafe Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 19:30

Red Brick Restaurant Opening Hours:Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 19:30

Tel:+86 10  8457 6669 - 8023