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Welcome to join the special project internship team of Red Brick Art Museum!If you love art and want to know more about works in museum, or you are interest in popularization of art and public education, we sincerely invite you to become a member of Red Brick Art Museum team. Please read the following details. We are looking forward to your coming!

Duration: 2018/03/24 2018/08/12

Address: Red Brick Art Museum, Shunbai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 


We want:

1. you are older than 18 years old and love contemporary art;

2. you are outgoing and responsible, and you are a quick learner who is glad to contribute;

3. you are good at communication, English and other languages are welcomed;

4. you have team esprit, can accept our arrangement of work, abide by rules of working time and requirements of internship service.

You need

1. be familiar with the architecture and courtyard in museum,know the artists and their art works well,offer fluent guide tour in Chinese ( English will be a plus);

2. offer public service, maintain public orders and exhibits;

3. researches and editing article documents, including corresponds with artists, art works, exhibitions;

4. collection and analyzation of guide tour questionnaires.

Time requirements:

1. Please confirm your working schedule one week before start,accept our organization of time arrangement;

2. The internship period is the duration of the upcoming exhibition. Please make sure to work at least 3 days per week and turn relevant credentials back at the end of internship;

3. Please observe working schedule, and inform us three days before your day off.


1. Interns should pass an interview and a professional training, then an

 evaluation after 10 days probation;

2. Basic training including visiting notices, public service manners; professional training concerning architecture and courtyard, current exhibitions and art works;

3. Fluent mandarin is required for the guide tour, English will be a plus;

4. All rights reserved of all the relevant documents offered by Red Brick Art Museum during the internship, no part of these documents may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of Red Brick Art Museum;

5. Uniform is asked during work, and any impropriate behaviors causing huge damage for the museum shall be held Responsible and internship quality will be canceled.

You will get:

1. free visit in the museum during internship;

2. prioritized participation of academic conference, talks and activities holding by museum during internship;

3. coupons:staff discount for shopping in Red Brick Design Store;

4. lunch offered for full day interns;

5. two tickets of Red Brick Art Museum and a volunteer certification offered to interns who attend 45 workdays;

6. special program internship certification: for the interns who attend 3 months;

7. 50-yuan allowance per full workday for official interns, plus exhibition brochure and poster, Red Brick Art Museum limited edition handbag with two tickets for interns who finish the entire internship period;

8. limited edition gifts for the month best docent;

9. exhibition poster with artist’s signature, a brochure with artist’s signature and a Red Brick Art Museum handbag for the best intern of the program.


Welcome to join us!

Please download Internship Application Form and send it to: